Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What I've learnt so far! 06/11/12

At college so far on the Using the internet unit I have done lots of work and learned lots of things. I have made PowerPoint presentations and posters on accessing the internet & Intranets. I made an information booklet on how to use web browsers and navigate around websites.

I have learnt new ways of downloading information from the internet, and learnt about Search operators and how they work and how they can be a useful tool when searching the internet, and techniques on finding relevant information on the internet like, checking the date when the website was updated and its reputation.

I have learnt how to adjust browser settings to meet people’s needs and learnt more about browser help facilities.

I learnt about how websites have accessibility options for users so they can’t use the internet if they have a disability like audio, changing the colours or text size.

I am now looking ways of using the internet for communication.